Project introduction: based on the company’s production experiences for many years, our production technologies in mouth feel, taste, color, and shape are in the lead in the industry. With multi products, large scale, actual accumulation on production experiences for many years, and advanced pelleting and performing equipments, products are becoming more and more perfect. With GMP standard production workshops, several full-automatic packaging lines, numerous tablet moulds of different shapes, above ten unique formulas in the R&D center, and several-year production ability, it can meet unique demands of different customers.

    Porpular Product catalog:

    1Ca D chewable tablet (for the masses)
    2 (for middle-aged and aged people)
    3(for children and adolescents)
    4(for pregnant women)
    5Protein high calcium tablets
    6Amino acid high calcium tablets
    7Zinc high calcium tablets
    8Chondroitin sulfate high calcium tablets
    9Maca tablets
    10Phytosterol tablets
    11Collagen effervescent tablets
    12Xylooligosaccharide tablets
    13Zinc gluconate chewable tablets
    14Chondroitin sulfate tablets
    15Spirulina tablets
    16Vitamin Complex Tablets
    17Cordyceps militaris tablets
    18Chinese caterpillar fungus tablets
    19Pollen pini tablets
    20Xylooligosaccharide candies
    21Collagen solid drinks

    Our high tech manufacturing facilities allow us to be flexible with our production, allowing us to provide a solution to suit everybody’s needs. We excel in quality and offer small MOQ to large bespoke contract manufacturing services, whilst maintaining quality at all supply levels. NutraBiot specialises in customer private label nutraceutical’s and we also supply loose product in bulk format with a bulk tablet manufacturing capacity of 10,000 tons per annum. We utilise a number of packaging, capping and labelling machines for a consistently high quality finish. Our commitment to quality excellence positions us well ahead of the competition to ensure that we are one of the best nutraceutical suppliers around.

    We offer one of the broadest available portfolios of Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements totalling over 400 products and literally 1000’s of bespoke custom formulations. We have a specialist bespoke custom formulation service to suit client’s specific requirements. Our tablet and encapsulation capability is comprehensive with a full range of shapes and sizes.


    • Comprehensive range of shapes and sizes
    • Timed or sustained release
    • Chewable and flavoured formulations
    • Coating – film, sugar, enteric
    • Vegan, vegetarian and kosher formulas


    • Comprehensive range of two-piece capsule sizes available
    • Gelatin, vegan, vegetarian, kosher formulas
    • Standard and bespoke coloured capsules available
    • Printed capsules available for brand re-enforcement


    • Large range of softgel shapes and sizes available


    • Comprehensive range of ingredients
    • Vegan, vegetarian and kosher formulas
    • Variety of flavours

    Our manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest tablet compression and encapsulation machinery. Product testing, blending, dispensary and packaging are all done on site within our extensive cleanroom facility.

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