Introduce the control methods of several traditional Chinese medicines, which can provide some basis for the improvement and improvement of Chinese medicine quality standards.
    1 medicinal material ratio method
    This method refers to the representation of several ml or g of finished product equivalent to several weights of the original medicinal material. From the current point of view, most of the preparations can be expressed by this method. This method is applicable to preparations with unclear ingredients of medicinal materials. It can only be used as a transition method for content. Therefore, such preparations must have a fixed and mature production process. The operating procedures can truly reflect the quality of the drug, otherwise the efficacy of the drug will be very unstable, there is a big difference between the batch and the batch, between the plant and the plant. Such as Liu Wei Di Huang Wan and so on.
    2 Determination of monomer chemical content
    In the prescription, the chemical composition of a certain medicinal material has been clarified, or the content of a monomer component in the medicinal drug is high, or the test method is stable, and other components interfere with less, and this method is often used. This kind of inspection method is relatively complicated, because the measurement monomer must extract and separate the components, otherwise the interference is too much, the operation process is lost, and the measurement is not easy. Therefore, the scientific basis and the mature inspection method are essential for such inspection methods. of.
    3 using one of the components as a content control
    Some traditional Chinese medicines, in which the monomer content is not prominent, or no good detection method, or a large content of the monomer is not the main component of the efficacy, and the active ingredients are mostly alkaloids, volatile oil, total sugar, total Glycosides, total flavonoids, total organic acids, in order to ensure the role of such ingredients, can be used to test the content of the entire drug.
    4 expressed as a certain element content
    This type of representation is less, mainly based on the nitrogen content as the content control, the test method is mostly used in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia.
    5 Controlled by the weight of the leachate in a solvent
    This kind of traditional Chinese medicine mainly uses special solvent in the extraction process. At present, the most commonly used solvent is methanol, ethanol, etc., so the solubility of the finished product in these solvents can be used as a test index. The most commonly used ethanol extracts, of course, also the weight of the extract in water, the test method can refer to the appendix of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia “leaching method”.

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